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Whatsapp marketing is a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program. With bulk Whatsapp messages along with images or videos connect with the pool of 1.3 billion users and attract your potential customer.

Why should you use WhatsApp for business?

The best reason to use WhatsApp as a source of marketing for business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.

Surprisingly, users of WhatsApp and similar services are willing to engage with businesses. According to Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, 67 percent of mobile messaging app users said they expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses over the next two years. What’s more, 53 percent of respondents say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

If your customers and prospects are young, they’re more likely to be comfortable using messaging apps for their day-to-day communication. A study by Pew Research Center shows that 42 percent of smartphone owners between 18 and 29 years old use messaging apps like WhatsApp, compared with only 19 percent of smartphone owners who are 50 or older.

Plus, messaging apps like WhatsApp have incredible engagement rates: 98 percent of mobile messages are opened and read, with 90 percent of them getting opened within three seconds of being received.

We are making it possible for you to reach more customer throught Whatsapp. With our automated whastapp marketing system, you are now able to send bulk of messages. just upload the contact list, create a message and boom. We send your messages automatically without overloading the server and extending your customer reach. Get personalized report for every contact and direct reply to customer using our system.

Whatsapp Business Marketing | Think 360° Brand, Greece
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