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Telegram Mobile Marketing | Think 360° Brand, Greece

In no time, the massive messaging capabilities of Telegram app has unfolded an entire new way of promotion and marketing for businesses. With Telegram marketing, you can now contact your clients, accept new orders and answer customer queries quickly and effectively. In other words, with Telegram Marketing the business can get a very smart, sophisticated and newest method to connect to their audience and address their needs.

How Telegram Marketing Empowering Businesses?

When 180 million monthly active users on Telegram, there’s a solid possibility that some of your existing and potential clients are probably using it. Unlike social media, it turns to be an opportunity for marketers to engage their recipients in a two-way engagement.

Business-to-Customer Communication
Our Telegram system makes customer support easier and seamlessly fast. From general customer inquiries to specific order status and detailed support, our Telegram system handles it all. The platform helps you engage your clients timely and when they need you most. Telegram Marketing is unambiguously helping businesses to execute various business models.
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Real time customer support
  • Product promotion
  • Customer feedback processing

Business-to-Business Communication
With Telegram, brings small businesses an opportunity to communicate their business partners and vendors. This two way communication ensures quick receipt of messages, thus, faster decision making. All you have to do is to create a business group and adding your business associates as the group member. We make it super easy for business with our system to share, collaborate and expand business around the world.

telegram Marketing | Think 360° Brand, Greece
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